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Canadian Chef Jonathan Gushue Is Missing

Gushue, at the restaurant.Photo: Courtesy Langdon Hall

The 41-year-old executive chef of the Langdon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa in Cambridge, Ontario, has been missing for more than a week, police say, and they're turning to the public for help in locating him. Jonathan Gushue was last seen on New Year's Eve in downtown Toronto. Authorities tell the Waterloo Record that the chef, who is five foot ten and 180 pounds with short, dark hair and blue eyes, may be using the surname Herder, which is actually his middle name.

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Eli Kulp Pushes Fork to ‘Four-Bell Potential’; ‘Lusty, Legit Flavor’ Blooms at Collingswood’s Indiya

• Craig LaBan thoroughly endorses Fork’s latest chef Eli Kulp with an enthusiastic three bell review. Calling Kulp “a serious talent,” he boldy states that the chef’s arrival makes the 15-year-old restaurant “something even better.” The huge helpings on the chef’s sharable feast plates, like the “enormous Wagyu short rib,” LaBan writes, “should not be missed.” “Stunning pastas,” like the “incredibly earthy” burnt-grain pappardelle and tortelloni filled with gently smoked pumpkin help put the restaurant on track for “four-bell potential.” But the desserts and their “overly obsessed with savory intrusions” need work. [Inquirer]

• At Collingswood newcomer Indiya, Adam Erace finds chef-owner Vipul Bhasin’s cooking “bloomed with vivid, lusty, legit flavor.” Dishes like “crunchy, tender, chile-blushed” ragda patties were “delicious,” and crispy lump crab cakes, “laced here with fennel, cumin, cilantro and coconut and served with tangy, sweet tomato chutney,” were “worthy of Jersey’s best seafood restaurants.” The chicken Chettinad had him “happily sweating and reaching for points of warm, tandoor-blistered garlic naan to sop up the gravy.” All told, the restaurant strikes an “uncommon balance of fresh, compelling food and serious value.” [Courier-Post]

Massive Bluefin Tuna Sells for $1.76 Million at Tokyo Auction

Saturday was the first tuna auction of the year at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, and a single, 489-pound bluefin tuna sold to a sushi restaurant magnate for a staggering 155 million yen — that would be $1.76 million, or $3,600 per pound. The buyer, as multiple outlets have reported, was Kiyoshi Kimura, owner of the Sushi-Zanmai restaurant chain; and some customers at one of his restaurants Saturday night got to sample slices of the prized, gargantuan fish.

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All Pennsylvania Restaurant Inspection Reports to Be Posted Online by the End of 2013

The reports let you know if there's mice at your favorite restaurant.

If cleanliness is truly next to godliness, then the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture must be doing the lord’s work. The AP reports that the department is on a mission in 2013 to make it a little easier for folks to find and review restaurant inspection reports. This isn’t such a big deal for the germ and grime obsessed here in Philly, since the city’s Department of Public Health posts their inspection reports online. But in the farthest reaches of Pennsyltucky, that sort of data isn’t so readily available. In fact, in some counties inspectors still fill out their reports on paper. For the sake of transparency, the agriculture department's bureau of food safety and laboratory services is developing software for automating restaurant inspection reports, and providing more backward burgs the equipment and training necessary to file them online. The goal is to have a site ready by the end of the year. [AP]

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Tapestry Ready to Reboot; Gemelli Getting a French Bistro Makeover

Take Two

The steady stream of short-lived ventures housed in the space that was last known as Tapestry at Fifth and Bainbridge streets suggests the corner might be jinxed. But Rich Rivera and Rob Nydick from Belvedere Restaurant Group are going to try to prove otherwise. According to the Insider, they are transferring a liquor license they have in Manayunk to the forsaken property, which went dark back in September. Provided that all goes according to plan, they could have the joint back up and running — as a Tapestry reboot — as soon as February. Meanwhile in Manayunk, Clark Gilbert has reportedly pulled the plug on his Gemelli on Main.

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Singer of Chili’s Baby Back Ribs Jingle Remembered on Best Funeral Ever

TLC's new reality show Best Funeral Ever chronicles extravagant services for the dearly departed. They're more like grotesque celebrations of death (did nobody take The Hunger Games seriously?). One of the episodes features the barbecue-themed funeral of Willie McCoy, the voice of the catchiest jingle ever. There's a fountain of sauce, ribs to feed the mourners, and live pigs. And his coffin looks like a smoker.

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Queen Elizabeth Needs a New Dishwasher

Dust off your résumé: The Queen of England is advertising for a catering assistant. Sounds like a cool gig at first blush. Posh surroundings! Face time with Kate Middleton! Maybe a few pints with Harry! Really, the only down side is that the palace pays rather hideously. According to an ad placed by the Official Website of the British Monarchy, the royals need someone to "maintain the cleanliness of the staff restaurant." The General Catering Assistant must possess the usual qualifications — punctuality, reliability, willingness to travel to various other palaces across the rolling British countryside — and the chosen applicant mustn't require much money. LondonNet points out that the £14,200 salary (about $23,000) for what basically appears to be a dishwashing job works out to a meager £6.83 an hour, which is less than the London living wage of £8.55 an hour. Of course, the palace does throw in "accommodation," which softens the blow a little. And who can blame the Queen for budgeting a bit? She has to pay someone to pre-wear her shoes, after all. [Telegraph UK, British Monarchy Official Site, LondonNet, Earlier]

New Study: Binge Eaters Combine Strange Foods, Then Hate Themselves

Okay, so maybe Taco Bell is onto something with those Doritos tacos. According to a new study from the University of Alabama, the growing practice of secretive "food concocting" — that is, mixing gross shit with other gross shit and eating it — is common among binge eaters. The study, soon to appear in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, states that bingers often secretly create "concoctions" like frozen vegetables mixed with mayonnaise and mashed potatoes layered with Oreo cookies, then feel shame and "disgust."

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Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Gate at Hop Sing Laundromat

As long as the drinks keep living up the they hype

Whoa, what’s this? The lore of Hop Sing Laundromat may not actually live up to the line we’ve all been fed? We’ve long suspected that there was more to the picture than meets the eye, but Adam Erace’s favorable review of the cryptic Chinatown cocktail bar in last week’s Citypaper peeled back the curtain just enough to reveal glimpses of what really may be going on behind the scenes. Admittedly skeptical of the pomp and puff that preceded the bar’s official opening last summer, and its presumed single-name-only proprietor, the equally congenial and cagey Lee, Erace conceded that the cocktails do indeed live up to the hype. But the legitimacy of Lee’s backstory took a hit when he added that the man of mystery’s true identity came through on his home phone’s caller ID.

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A Brief History of Milkshake-Related Mayhem

Not always as delicious as you might think.Photo: Lew Robertson/Corbis

The other week, after her parents imposed a like, totally life-ruining 10 p.m. Internet curfew, a Sacramento teen decided there was only one thing left to do: Drug her parents by slipping a friend's prescription sleep medicine into milkshakes. Chocolate and vanilla, to be exact, though the parents only drank about half of each because the drinks tasted crunchy and bad. These unassuming folks weren’t the first, however, to be duped by the seemingly sweet treats. Here’s a look at other frozen-dairy-product-related crime throughout the century, broken down by flavor.

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Man Arrested After Revisiting McDonald’s He Had Robbed

"They always return to the scene of the crime."

Somewhere, the Hamburglar is taking a short break from dollar menu reverie to face-palm: A man who robbed a McDonald's restaurant in Pontiac, Michigan, last October 5 returned to the same restaurant this past Saturday, three months after the crime was committed. An employee recognized him while he was in the drive-through and called the cops, who arrested him. It's one thing that the guy was stupid enough to return to the scene, but another that employees at the suburban Detroit McDonald's recognized him. Who says fast-food workers don't pay enough attention on the job? [AP]

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