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Memphis Taproom Owners Take On the Shuttered Butcher & The Brewer Space

We're guessing this latest venture will last longer than the Blue Bear Tavern.

Yesterday we floated the idea that the corner property at Fifth and Bainbridge where Tapestry tanked, and is about to surface again was possibly jinxed. Now there’s word that another presumably cursed space is about to come back to life. Brendan Hartranft and Leigh Maida, proprietors of venerable watering holes Memphis Taproom, Resurrection Ale House, and Local 44 have signed a lease on 216 S. 11th Street, the Insider reports. The space was last inhabited (for a hot minute) by The Butcher & The Brewer, and before that The Boilermaker, Blue Bear Tavern, and (for a rather lengthy stretch) Doc Watson’s.

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Lolita and Tattooed Mom Do Taco Tuesday; Chris’s Taco Cart Up For Grabs


It’s been a while since we’ve talked tacos. But nonetheless, tortilla triumphs and what could arguably be described as an upset are in the zeitgeist. First there’s another Taco Tuesday taking over at Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran’s Lolita tonight. Twenty bucks gets you a selection of taco fillings, plus tortillas (duh), and Mexican beans, rice with tomato, jalapeno, red onion, street style roasted butternut squash, and a jicama, green mango, and watermelon radish salad. Bring along tequila and enjoy blood orange, traditional lime, and white peach margarita mixers. On South Street, Tattooed Mom is firing up its Taco Tuesday dealy tonight after taking the last two weeks off.

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There’s a New Electronic Fork That Will Supposedly Help You Not Get Fat

Not the classiest-looking flatware we've ever seen.Photo: David Becker/Getty Images

A new electronic, Internet-connected fork (yes, you read that right) that vibrates to tell you you're eating too fast or too much just debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The HAPIfork and HAPIspoon use sensors and a Wi-Fi-enabled app to tell people they're raising the utensil to their mouths too fast or that their meal has gone on too long, and it vibrates like a game of Operation when you mess up. Now, we've heard the arguments about how eating slower lets you know you're full sooner, but if you really need an eating utensil to tell you you're binge-eating, you're probably beyond hope. Some problems that are immediately apparent: This isn't going to help if you're stuffing your face with handheld foods like Doritos and hot dogs, and we can also see how this could cause problems for an easily embarrassed dieter who brings one of these things along for a tyrannic, four-hour tasting menu meal at Alinea or Per Se. You'll want to turn the fork's sensor off after the meal's first hour passes by. [All Tech Considered/NPR]

It’s Always Sudsy in Philadelphia: Stone Brewing Co. Rolling Out Dayman-Inspired Ale

Dayman Coffee IPA cometh.

First came the TV show that proved even more demented than real life on our streets. Then the bar loosely based on it, and named after one of its characters. That spot in Old City will soon see a second location come to life across town. But not before the Dayman beer cometh! That’s right, there’s an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia beer in the works. California’s Stone Brewing Co. is rolling out what’s being billed as Dayman Coffee IPA, a collaboration brew that’s inspired by and gets its name from one of the most hilarious recurring gags on the hit FX TV show.

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Man Hallucinates After Eating World’s Spiciest Curry

Another day, another case of dangerous eating. Ian Rothwell, who is a 55-year-old doctor (!), decided that it was a good idea to eat a curry dish comprised of twenty Naga Infinity chilies at a restaurant in Grantham, England. To give you an idea: One Infinity is 200 times hotter than a jalapeƱo, and can cause mouth burns and blisters. The dish, which is ominously named "the Widower," is so spicy that chefs have to wear goggles and face masks to prepare it. Three hundred masochistic customers prior to Rothwell have attempted to eat it and were unable to finish, and one time, the restaurant even had to call an ambulance. But of course the item remained on the menu because there's no such thing as bad publicity (ugh). Rothwell took an hour to finish the plate, cried a bit, went for a walk, and then started hallucinating. But no biggie: He says he felt fine the next day. The restaurant's owner thinks the doctor is a "legend." We say they're both insane. Is this grounds for Dr. Rothwell losing his license to give health advice? Should be. [This Is Lincolnshire via HuffPo]

A. Kitchen Expansion In the Works

David Fields, owner of A. Kitchen inside the AKA Rittenhouse, is taking over the property at the corner of 18th and Walnut streets that most recently housed a Kiehl’s store. His plan is to create a spinoff of the hotel’s restaurant. Foobooz reports that the new venture will specialize in raw foods, since the space isn’t equipped with a hood. But the 700-square foot restaurant, which will seat 35 when complete, will most certainly serve wine and cocktails. The opening is expected sometime in May. [Foobooz]

South Carolina Restaurant Makes Employees Wear ‘How to Catch an Illegal Immigrant’ T-Shirt

The employee dress code: HatePhoto: CoreyHutchins/Twitter

On Sunday, a South Carolina journalist tweeted a photo of a worker at a local restaurant called Taco Cid that had been taken earlier by a local high-school teacher. The worker is wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with an illustrated, cartoonish "trap" baited with two hard shell tacos. "How to Catch an Illegal Immigrant" is printed at the top in the colors of the Mexican flag, and the restaurant's name and contact information appears below the illustration.

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Slideshow: A Night at Curtis Duffy’s Grace, the Country’s Most Ambitious New Restaurant

In our video series Finding Grace, we showed you the creation of former Alinea chef de cuisine Curtis Duffy's new restaurant, Grace, in Chicago, and the intense dedication of Duffy and his team to creating a truly graceful experience for guests. The irony, of course, is that all that was taking place in the midst of construction — far from an atmosphere of grace in practice. Now the restaurant is open, and our man Huge Galdones followed service one night last week to capture it in full swing as the realization of Duffy and GM Michael Muser's aspirations. We'll show you how Duffy's light, vegetable-flavor-driven dishes come together on the plate, but you'll also see the intensity and precision that goes into creating the total guest experience at perhaps the most exacting and inspiring restaurant opening of the past year. Here is Curtis Duffy's vision — in practice five nights a week, at 652 West Randolph in Chicago.

Bainbridge Street Barrel House Closed For Renovations

No changes are expected for the barrels.

Yikes! Bainbridge Street Barrel House, which just opened in November, shut down this week. But the closing is supposed to be only temporary. The bar and restaurant’s owners took to the social media to let folks know that the interruption in service is due to a slight reconfiguration of the bar and dining room area. They’re reducing the size of the back bar to make more room for patrons to bend elbows in comfort. Provided all goes according to plan, service will resume on Thursday evening. [BSBH/Twitter]

Waitress at Roberta’s Forgets to Wear Clothes, Serves Food

It happened in Bushwick.

Transgressive: A waitress may have commemorated her last shift at Roberta's on Friday night by taking off her clothes and having a friend write "PEACE OUT" with a Sharpie on her back. Gawker writer Max Read, who was there, notes that no one cared a naked lady was waiting on tables in the packed dining room. (Assless fishnet stockings don't count, by the way.) Anyway, there's some documentation of the night, and because health code states "employees who prepare or serve food products, or wash and sanitize equipment and utensils must wear clean outer garments," Suzie Nudie could cost the Bushwick restaurant fines and/or temporary closure. So, is this hot, ho-hum, or just a health hazard? [Gawker via Eater NY]

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