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Seattle Man Hit by Bus, Grabs Morning Coffee Anyhow

A city bus hit a 32-year-old man in downtown Seattle yesterday morning with such force that the airborne pedestrian hit and cracked the windshield, the Today File notes. Yet the man, whom the Seattle Times describes as "a downtown business professional," was able to get up after the incident and walk a block over to a coffee shop, where he proceeded to place an order — after getting knocked down, it turns out, the man just needed a good pick-me-up. The unidentified man was declined service because he had a concussion, however, and was instead taken to the hospital. [ST]

Winter Weather Advisory: Highs Are in the Empanadas, and Lows in the Cheesesteak Spring Rolls

Davio's cheesesteak spring rollsPhoto: Davio's

No doubt the weather's been a bit wacky this winter. One day it’s freezing, and the next it’s unseasonably mild with temps soaring into the mid-fifties. Is climate change to blame for these wild fluctuations? Possibly. But even if it is, there’s a silver lining. Cuba Libre, for the second day in a row, is pricing its empanadas according to the forecast’s high temperature. Today that’s 54 degrees, which means they are 54 cents a piece from 5 to 7 p.m. And if the mercury plunges? Not to worry, Davio’s is pledging to serve its cheesesteak spring rolls for free during happy hour every time it dips below 32 degrees this winter. So no matter which way the weather goes, there’s something to look forward to.

The French Are Annoyed That Obama Is Serving California ‘Champagne’ at Inauguration

Didn't go through customs.

Korbel has made a special cuvée for President Obama's second inauguration, which they're bottling as "Korbel Natural, Special Inaugural Cuvée Champagne, California," and once again the French wine lobby is annoyed that Americans are co-opting the word "Champagne." Per U.S. law, the label is supposed to read "California Champagne," and the French would actually prefer it say "sparkling wine" anyway.

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In Case You Didn't Know: Dirty Bathrooms Doom Restaurants

A clean bathroom menas a clean kitchen.

We all know that a dirty bathroom at a restaurant is indicative of untold sanitation atrocities in the kitchen. Anthony Bourdain said as much more than 10 years ago in Kitchen Confidential. But in this era where rabid Yelp-ers can make or break a restaurant with the stroke of smartphone’s touhscreen, tidy restrooms are now more important than ever. That’s what industry vet Ed Zimmerman, whose 35-year career has covered everything from pizza, delis, bakeries and wholesale distribution for the hospitality trade, is saying in column he penned this week. According to him, a clean restroom is a restaurant's best marketing effort. Filth speaks volumes about a business, how its owners run it, and most of all, how much they value their guests’ comforts. He writes that unsanitary conditions are also the number one reason why customers fail to make repeat visits. Honestly, this is all so elementary that it’s kind of scary that someone even has to explain it. [QSR Web via Consumerist]

Good-bye, Gourmet Live

Condé Nast is killing its Gourmet Live tablet app, which survived for two years, three months, and some days. After the company shut down 90-year-old Gourmet magazine in 2009, it appeased readers by creating a free, advertising-supported app. Though it was one of the most popular downloads in the iTunes store at its prime, it "no longer helps fuel the brand’s evolution," according to a company spokeswoman. Content will continue to go up on, which currently has an optimistic "Welcome 2013" headline on its homepage. Dream big. [NYP]

P.O.P.E. to Pour the First Skull Splitter Drafts in the U.S.

Skull SplitterPhoto: Skull Splitter

Later this month, South Philly’s Pub on Passyunk East (P.O.P.E.) will have the distinct honor of being the first bar in the U.S. to pour seldom seen drafts of the strong Scotch ale Skull Splitter. A rep for the Orkney Islands-based brewery tells Grub that P.O.P.E. was chosen for the debut because it sells more bottles of the heady, 8.5 percent ABV brew than anyone else. For the first tapping on January 24, the bar is hosting a Viking party to honor the beer’s namesake, the seventh Viking Earl of Orkney (aka Torfinn Hausakljuv), where a costumed stand-in for the OG skull splitter will make an appearance. Those who post photos of themselves with the viking to Instagram hashtagged with #skullsplitter will be eligible to win a prize package that includes glassware, and a $50 P.O.P.E. gift certificate.

Fox News Crew Covering NBA Sexual Assault Case Gets Decked Outside of Delilah’s

A Fox 29 cameraman took a beating last night outside of Delilah’s while following up on the story of the alleged sexual assault at the Four Seasons that roped in Brooklyn Nets forward Andray Blatche. According to the network’s local affiliate, reporter Chris O'Connell and cameraman Dave Edwards were shooting video outside of the Delaware Avenue strip joint, where Blatche and his entourage reportedly picked up the alleged victim early Tuesday morning, when a man wearing a Delilah’s shirt came out of the club and told them they had to leave. As stated in the report, he then attacked the two. The melee landed Edwards in the hospital, and his attacker was hauled off to jail. He’s now facing charges of simple assault and vandalism. [myfoxphilly]

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