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City’s Bars and Beers Make Up For the Fact That Our Sports Teams Stink

We'd totally tap that!

Though the gods of professional sports championships have mostly forsaken our city of late, through their mastery of drinking arts, it seems our barkeeps are making up for those shortcomings in spades. Hop Sing Laundromat, the mysterious Chinatown cocktail lair headed by single-name-only Lee just scored some righteous ink courtesy of Details. Citing the deep, 1,000-bottle-plus inventory, and the “enigmatic and always cuff-linked owner,” the magazine ranks it among its fresh-off-the-printing-press “Best New Bars in America” list.

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Eli Kulp Adds Chicken Nuggets to Fork’s Menu

Nug life forever!Photo: Trevor Dixon

What’s a chef to do after wooing the Inky’s Craig LaBan with a menu full of “four bell potential?” Aim lower? On the surface that’s what Fork’s Eli Kulp appears to be doing with the roll out of, get this, chicken nuggets! But hold on a second. These nugs aren’t the usual mystery meat pressed and stamped in a factory. Rather Kulp’s crispy morsels of chicken are made in house, and with served spicy mustard and agrodolce. It’s just one of a handful of snacks he’s come up for the restaurant’s new bar menu. It’s joined by Caputo Brothers’ stracciatella toasts with charred and pickled eggplant; smoked trout caviar with dilled cucumbers and bagel chips; and raw bar plates that include seasonal oysters, surf clams, and Nantucket Bay scallops. And the snacks aren’t all that’s new at the bar.

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Agiato Reopened Without a Liquor License


Apparently Agiato, the Belvedere Restaurant Group-owned property on Main Street in Manayunk that we mentioned earlier this week had gone dark for the third time in just twelve months, returned from the dead last night, according to the Insider. There’s no word on whether or not the bum ventilation system, which was cited as the reason for the latest closing, was up to snuff. But what we do know is, it reopened without a liquor license. That’s reportedly in limbo due to back taxes. [Insider]

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In China, You Can Make Money for Reporting a Food-Safety-Law Violator

Want to earn a quick 300,000 yuan ($48,200)? China is giving out cash prizes to people who turn in food-safety-law violators. The most common offenses to look out for are fake eggs, chemical-laced milk, and cooking oil that's recycled from drains. But recently, KFC's parent company, Yum Brands Inc., got into big trouble because its chicken contained excess amounts of antiviral drugs and hormones used to accelerate growth. The Chinese government's now cracking down, and it knows the power of bribery. [Reuters]

Drunken Brawling Dumbasses Prompt Police to Step Up Their Presence in Old City

Three things that are certain in life: Death, taxes and Old City being overrun by mobs of brawling drunken dumbasses every weekend. But after the super-colossal fracas that unfolded near Second and Chestnut streets after bars closed early Sunday morning, Philly’s finest are going to start stepping up their presence in the violence-plagued neighborhood. Fox 29 reports that this latest fisticuff flare-up involved scores of beer-muscled goons raging hard in the streets, overwhelmed police, gunshots, and a gun-toting fool getting tasered. In response, police are pledging to increase uniformed patrols there, and employ “resources you might not see .” Oh, how mysterious. [myfoxphilly]

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Here Is Coca-Cola’s First Anti-Obesity Ad, ‘Coming Together’ [Update: Bittman Weighs In]

For the first time in history, Coca-Cola is acknowledging the perverse connection between soda and "the long-term health of our families" (corporate-speak for "pop makes you fat"). Now a new two-minute commercial makes the case that the company is a partner in our fight against obesity: Out of 650 Coca-Cola beverages, 180 are low- and no-calorie choices; portion-controlled sizes will be stocked in 90 percent of the country by the end of this year; beverage calories in schools are steadily reducing; Coke is working with scientists to find zero-calorie sweeteners, miracle berries, etc, etc. It's fine that Coca-Cola is addressing this issue head-on, but the safety of all those artificial sweetners is still questionable — low-cal or not.

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