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Orange Wine Already Over, Say Two Wine Writers

A spectrum of orange wine.Photo: Ceri Smith/Biondivino

Despite the fact that most of your friends, and possibly even you, have not yet heard of orange wine, two people this week have penned pieces cutting it down and declaring the trend over. Writing for Forbes, Richard Betts declares that Tecate is a superior beverage to orange wine, quoting a friend who calls them "the Kardashians of wine," and lamenting that he "look[s] forward to the faddish / cultish following they’ve engendered in certain wine circles waning." (You'll recall that as far as pop-culture comparisons go, Grub Street thinks the wine is more akin to Bon Iver than the Kardashians.) The San Francisco Chronicle's Jon Bonné, who was one of the first American wine geeks to write about orange wine back in 2009, concurs.

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Restaurant Opportunities Center and Thomas Jefferson University Offer Free Flu Shots For Restaurant Workers

Who ordered the flu?

As we’re sure you’re well aware, the majority those who serve in the hospitality industry’s trenches don’t have the luxury of getting paid time off. And that means many of those folks go to work while sick. That’s not very reassuring as Restaurant Week arrives smack-dab in the middle of what the Center for Disease Control is calling the worst flu epidemic in a decade. But rest assured, the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Philadelphia is rising to the occasion. On Tuesday, January 22, they are teaming with Thomas Jefferson University to provide free flu shots for restaurant workers. Shots will be administered at the Center for Urban Health at 211 South Ninth Street, Suite 313 from noon to 4 p.m. Those interested should register by calling (215) 867-9747, or via email.

Restaurant That Cried Flood Closed Again Due to Flooding

Here’s why restauranteurs faced with temporary closings should never feign flooding as the reason for shutting down. Rhino Bar, which unseated troubled Fish at 13th and Locust Streets months ago, has been out of commission this week. A sign on the door says a flood is to blame. Foobooz is quick to point out that this the exact reason cited for the restaurant’s brief time-out last May. It turned out that the debilitating deluge was just a red herring to cover the fact that there was a major blowout between the restaurant’s erstwhile founder and chef, Mike Stollenwerk, and investors. Now, mere weeks after the chef’s departure, rising waters are again being blamed for the closing. Suspicious? Just a little.

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Restaurant Week and Unsanctioned Deals Inspired By It Kick Off Sunday

Don't forget to tip your servers.

We know, we know: Restaurant Week has its haters. And it has its champions, too. We’re not taking a side in that ongoing argument. We’re just letting you know that 2013’s first installment of the Center City District's twice-annual dining out promotion begins Sunday. You know the drill; participating restaurants will offer three or more course menus for $35 during dinner service, and $20 during lunch service. The first leg runs through Friday, January 25, and then picks back from January 27 through February 1. And with Restaurant Week comes the unofficial Shadow Restaurant Week deals.

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Crafty English People Will Convert Horse Burgers Into Cozy Home Heating

Because food-safety authorities in the U.K. would have a hard time trying to figure out which burgers among the 10,000 frozen patties spread out across inventory at seven chain supermarkets contain trace amounts of horse DNA and which ones are actually 29 percent equine — not to mention which ones are unadulterated, old-fashioned beef — a decision has been made to convert the horsemeat of the apocalypse into energy at anaerobic digestion plants. Earlier this week, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland announced it had found varying amounts of horse and pig DNA in Tesco's line of frozen (and ostensibly) beef hamburgers; up to 10 million burgers may be affected by the recall. [Guardian UK via Daily Meal, Earlier]

Hoagie Roll Maker D'Ambrosio’s Loss Is Wawa and Amoroso’s Gain

Like poorly proofed dough, 75-year-old Greys Ferry-based hoagie roll concern, D'Ambrosio Bakery, has flopped. The Insider reports that the shutdown follows a fruitless effort by Gatehouse Ventures of Berwyn, which bought the bakery back in 2005, to unload it. And as D'Ambrosio rolls into history, Wawa is giving one its competitors, Amoroso’s a huge boost. The locally-based convenience store chain’s new CEO, Chris Gheysens, has his sights set on putting an Amoroso bakery in every location. That’s just one of the changes he’s put forth in a larger plan to launch Wawa into the fast-casual orbit. Apparently the “worn outpost” on Penn’s campus has some sprucing up in its future, too. [Insider]

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Takes Back That Whole ‘Fascism’ Thing

This man sure knows his world history.

Oops! Turns out that while Whole Foods co-CEO John Mackey stands by his political beliefs, he says he probably shouldn't have called the Affordable Care Act a form of "fascism," NPR reports. "Well, I think that was a bad choice of words," he says. And now he's working the apology circuit, also appearing on the "Brian Lehrer Show" in full-on retraction mode. "I realized that word has so much baggage associated with it, from World War II, with Germany and Italy and Spain," he explains. "That's just a very provocative word, so I regret using it." [NPR, Earlier]

Here We Go Again: Corbett Zeroing In On Plans to Cut Pennsylvania’s Liquor Stores Loose

See you in hell, state store.

Strap yourselves in, folks. We’re in for another thrilling ride down the PLCB-privatization pike. And it sounds like Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s taking the wheel this time, and he has plotted a course for putting the state’s liquor stores in the rear-view. Granted, nothing official has been announced, but citing super-secret sources with first-hand knowledge, the Inky this morning reports that a plan is materializing to kill off state stores, turn booze and wine sales over to beer distributors, and allow supermarkets, convenience stores and big-box retailers sell beer and wine.

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