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Giant Food Stores Bringing Di Bruno Bros. to Camp Hill

Di Bruno Bros.

We’ve seen the future, and in it, every supermarket will house a Di Bruno Bros. cheese shop. Don’t believe us? Then may we present “Exhibit A”: Giant Food Stores recently sealed a deal to bring the very best of the old-school Italian Market cheese mongers’ goods to a Di Bruno’s -branded shop to be located inside its new super store in Camp Hill. Patriot-News reports that the store-within-a-store opens on January 24. Like other Di Bruno’s locations, the outpost will offer Giant's customers a wide selection of imported and artisan cheeses, charcuterie, oils, jams and other specialty items. That’s great news for Di Bruno’s and its expanding cheese empire, and those in Camp Hill whose tastes go deeper than Lebanon Bologna and Velveeta. It’s a shame they couldn’t work a Paesano's into the deal, too. Those poor folks out there have no idea what they’re missing. [Patriot-News]

Misconduct Tavern Expansion Underway

Misconduct's expansion is already in the works.

Center City’s Misconduct Tavern is getting blown up. Or is that blown out? Either way, the bar’s owners are currently expanding the place, adding 80 more seats, and taking over the vacant lot next door to do so. Naked Philly reports that the addition will double the size of the bar, and relocate its entrance to the side. Save for swapping out the front door for windows, everything else will remain mostly the same. Work’s already underway, and the project is expected to be wrapped before baseball season starts in the spring. [Naked Philly]

Here Are Five Videos of Mutant Eggs-Within-Eggs

Speaking of things that are both creepy and chicken-related, a YouTube phenomenon was born recently when a guy named Sean Wilson cracked open a very big chicken egg only to reveal it contained another entire chicken egg, shell and all. But Wilson's hardly the first lucky fellow to stumble upon the mythical, elusive egg-within-an-egg. Check out Wilson's moment, straight ahead, then see four other bewildering videos of overstuffed ouefs.

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State Senator Pulling First Pints of ‘Jersey’s Finest’; Dogfish Head IPAs Coming to Dinner at a Bar Near You

Jersey's finest? Iron Hill's Chris LaPierre and Flying Fish's Casey HughesPhoto: Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Surely the beer gods are smiling upon us. As mentioned before, cult Scotch ale Skull Splitter goes on tap at Pub on Passyunk East Thursday. It’s a first for the U.S. And at the same time, Troegs seasonal Nugget Nectar should be arriving on beer stores’ shelves. Meanwhile, over in Jerz, State Senator Donald Norcross will do the honors of pulling the first pint of Jersey’s Finest at Maple Shade’s Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant on Wednesday. The new brew is the second collaboration from Iron Hill’s Chris LaPierre, and Flying Fish’s Casey Hughes.

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Can Fan Art Save Twinkies?

Day of the Dead Twinkies by Nancy Peppin.

The fate of Hostess is still in limbo, but one artist is bringing attention to the nationwide outcry for more Twinkies. Nancy Peppin makes Twinkie-inspired art, using mediums such as watercolor, mixed media, and creative writing to express her love for the "ultimate American food icon." It gets stranger; her "Twinkies in history series" shows how she thinks Charles Darwin and Leonardo da Vinci would have portrayed Twinkies in journals and books. One of her pieces includes the prolific passage, "Twinkies radiate out from the spring St. Louis breeding area to the summer nesting habitats throughout the world. Populations are heaviest in the North American 7-11 meridian." So is her beloved, possibly extinct Twinkie now just a cultural artifact?

She did title a painting 'The Last Snack.' »

Watch This Creepy Chicken Licken Fast-Food Ad From South Africa

Hey, don't worry, that creepy white guy in the Rayon tie and sweater vest who watches you from the street every time you enjoy some fried chicken on the privacy of your balcony — who happens to also haunt your family picnics and is the same guy who ogles you while you wait for your laundry to finish drying — isn't coming to come murder you later on, he just wants you to save him a thigh. This drab new ad for South African fast-food chain Chicken Licken's new "Soul Fire" line shows that even fast-food stalkers need a little bit of new flavor every now and then.

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Homaro Cantu on Miracle Berries, Chewing Tin Foil, and the Best Peanut-Butter Cookies Ever

Homaro Cantu uses his noodle.Photo: JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images

Eight years ago, the Chicago chef Homaro Cantu, who regularly serves guests edible menus and "prints" flavors like broccoli and Cheddar using rapid prototyping machines, was contacted by a friend on behalf of a chemotherapy patient who could no longer taste food. "She said everything she chewed tasted like metal and rubber," he says. Because the 36-year-old chef develops flavors and invents techniques for corporations in his spare time, Cantu approached the problem of the chemo patient's lost appetite like any other fully funded research project, synchronizing his innovative and do-gooder impulses. He ordered thousands of spices and industrial flavor compounds, and back in the restaurant kitchen, he and his team set out plates of rubber bands and aluminum in at the top, like some demented food pyramid. "My pastry chef and I got to work," says Cantu, "chewing on tin foil and rubber for weeks at a time in different combinations with other ingredients just trying to figure out how to change the taste."

"Our product will be cheaper than sugar." »

Early Morning Highway Crash Demonstrates the Dangers of Soda

Cause for alarm?

Whether or not bans and taxes imposed upon sugar-sweetened soft drinks will actually help curb spiking obesity numbers remains to be seen, but nonetheless the dangers of soda were on full display early this morning near Reading, PA. Law enforcement officials there shut down a stretch of Route 422 near Interstate 176 for five hours after two tractor-trailers collided. One of the trailers involved was hauling the fizzy, sweet stuff, Reading Eagle reports. The crash sent the truck’s sugary payload streaming out across the roadway. Since temperatures were in low twenties, it froze upon contact. Police were forced to close off the highway until PennDot crews could be dispatched to de-ice the road. The other truck involved, which strangely enough was packed with candy, suffered only minor damage. Thanks heavens it wasn’t hauling Pop-Rocks. [Reading Eagle]

McDonald’s Lied About Selling Halal Food

How do you slaughter your animals?

For food products to be billed as halal, they have to be prepared according to strict Islamic dietary laws. The criteria specifies which foods are allowed (pork, for example, is forbidden) as well as how the food must be prepared. If God's name isn't invoked before an animal is slaughtered, no dice. McDonald's has two franchises in the country that sell halal products, and both are in Dearborn, Michigan, home to one of the nation's largest Arab and Muslim communities. But Ahmed Ahmed, a special McChicken sandwich detective, discovered that one of the Dearborn locations wasn't complying with Islamic dietary laws.

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Here’s That Tim Hortons–Ryan Gosling Coffee Mug You’ve Been Waiting For

Good morning! Canadian chain Tim Hortons is introducing a very, very limited-edition movie tie-in: an official Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad coffee cup. The Ontario-born actor gave an interview to movie site in which he professed an admiration for the movie tie-ins of his youth, specifically Burger King's Dick Tracy soda cups. “I thought I might get a cup out of this deal,” said Gosling. The interviewer suggested the coffee-and-doughnuts chain would be a good fit.

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