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Gourmet Grilled Spam With ‘Flamin’ Hot’ Cheetos Actually Looks Pretty Good

Save room for dessert.

Jerky canapés, Red Bull reduction sauce, pan-seared Spam with Tostitos "queso-dip" mashed potatoes, and other assorted snack-size garnishes make up this stunningly beautiful bodega-sourced tasting menu at the Bold Italic. It can't all be farmers' markets and heirloom beets, writes Jessica Saia, because "life's about as fair as the trade of these ingredients." At least there's a lot of Pepto, poured into stemware of course, served as a digestif. [The Bold Italic]

No More Mystery Fish: McDonald’s Will Use MSC-Certified Sustainable Seafood

Okay, so they lied about selling halal food, but redemption is right around the corner for McDonald's: Now you can eat their fish sandwiches guilt-free (provided that your only reservations about eating a Filet-o-Fish stem from seafood sustainability issues). McD's will become the first national restaurant chain to adopt the Marine Stewardship Council’s (very attractive!) blue ecolabel on its fish packaging in restaurants nationwide, a hallmark of responsible sourcing practices. The marketing technique is going swimmingly so far!

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Metal Shards Prompt Recall of Annie’s Homegrown Frozen Pizzas

The Berkeley-based maker of organic and natural pastas and pizzas has announced a voluntary recall on its entire line of frozen pizzas. According to an FDA press release, a "fine metal mesh screen" at a third-party vendor became loosened during the milling process and disintegrated into the flour that eventually became Annie's dough, and while no illnesses or incidents have yet been reported, the manufacturer warns that small pieces of metal mesh may be out there, lurking inside frozen pizzas stamped with "best before" dates ranging from "09Jan13" and "14Sep13." Full refunds for all pizzas potentially affected are being issued; more information is available here. [Annie's, USFDA]

Rangers Fan Beaten at Geno’s Files Suit Against His Assailant and the Bar That Served Him

Just when you thought it was safe to be a Flyers fan again, a whole new round of drama is opening up that stems from the brutal beat-down a New York Rangers fan suffered in front of Geno’s last year after the NHL Winter Classic. Neal Auricchio, the New Jersey police officer and Iraq war vet who took the beating, is filing a civil suit against his confessed and convicted attacker, Dennis Veteri. According to the Business Journal, he’s seeking compensatory and punitive damages from Veteri. But in a new twist, Auricchio also names South Philly Bar & Grill in his complaint. Just prior to punching and beating the off-duty officer, Veteri settled up a hefty tab at the bar. Lawyers for Auricchio say that means SPB&G violated Pennsylvania’s liquor liability law, which prohibits bars from serving those who are visibly intoxicated. Here's hoping the fighting stays on the ice this hockey season. [PBJ]

Here Are Ten Photos of Vegetables Being Used to Operate iPhones

A little mushroom three-way action.Photo: Fun!

You're probably aware that the surface of your iPhone responds to fingers, but not pens, because of the capacitors that are built into the layered screen. Other than a few inconvenient workarounds, it was thought that few options outside of expensive styluses were available, until a man named Norihide Nishi figured out that the cheap, sturdy, and organic king oyster mushroom did the job just fine. Nishi's photo of the mushroom stylus in action was retweeted more than 8,000 times, which of course inspired other users to see what worked. And hey, look at that — all sorts of other veggies have the natural capacitance to operate the iPhone's screen. You may now use baby carrots to get through Temple Run 2.

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Rachael Ray Yet Again Denies Salacious Rumors About Her Husband

The (allegedly) happy couple.Photo: Getty Images

Today the web is abuzz with a fresh rumor about Rachael Ray's husband, John Cusimano, and his alleged affinity for the Checkmate Club, a swingers club in Manhattan. Rumors have swirled about Ray's marriage pretty much since it began, all of which Ray and her PR team have vehemently denied. For instance, just a year into their marriage, the Enquirer published a piece interviewing a sex worker who claimed Cusimano had hired her multiple times to spit on him and put her feet in his mouth. Divorce rumors then swirled for several years, forcing Ray to issue multiple denials and tell various talk shows how "flattering" all the negative publicity was. And now, the Enquirer reaches back "several years" again with these sightings of Cusimano at Checkmate. But, boring as it may be, the fact remains that Ray and Cusimano remain married after seven and a half years, and they remain gazillionaires. The end. [NYDN]

Criminals Ransack Girl Scouts’ Cookie Cash Boxes


The first sighting of Girl Scouts is one of the happier moments of the winter season. It's the excitement of Groundhog Day, times ten. The troops are huddled outside a bookstore, in the freezing cold, hawking some of the best packaged cookies ever made — while building a lifetime of skills and confidence! This is our country at its best. But a few awful Americans see this as an ideal time for crime. Two men allegedly stole nearly $400 from a Girl Scouts cash box at a Massachusetts store, and they're being held on charges of unarmed robbery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and shoplifting.

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Watch the Mythbusters Popcorn Explosion That China Is Apparently Obsessed With

While this country continues frittering away precious productivity time scrutinizing panic-stricken squirrels and an ever-expanding procession of Grumpy Cat memes during the workday, a video of Americans blowing up a popcorn-maker is burning up bandwidth in China. The clip, which comes from an episode of Mythbusters, has become such a hot topic that Chinese Central TV — the most watched news network on Earth — recently devoted a segment to it. In it, the Mythbusters crew, with the help of Alton Brown, takes on an antiquated, and potentially explosive, popcorn popper that’s popular with Chinese street vendors.

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Naked Sushi and Human Centipede Chicken

The real Steve Zissou probably makes a mean fried chicken.Photo: Bravo

Kristen’s absence hangs like a druid’s shadow over the Top Chef kitchen. The chefs still can’t believe Kristen refused to throw Josie under the bus. Meanwhile, Josie picks at her sock while justifying her behavior during last week’s elimination — she admits she feels a little guilty. On the other hand, she reminds us “I’m not here to lose,” which is said by all reality-show contestants to justify their ungodly behavior. Just once I’d like to hear someone try this line on St. Peter. They’d be sent straight to hell in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

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Wahlburgers’ Reality Show Will Air on the History Channel

An icon of our times.Photo: Getty Images

The esteemed network that has brought us such classics as Pawn Stars and Swamp People will also air the historically significant Wahlburgers reality show, per the New York Daily News. "Walhberg brothers Mark, Donnie and chef sibling Paul have begun filming on a reality TV show that will follow the entrepreneurial family as they build their burger brand, aptly named Wahlburgers," they report. Because, you know, it's gripping to watch complete unknowns make history struggling to hit it big!

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Line ’em up: Chowder Shots Are a Thing Now

Prepare for takeoff.Photo: Doc Magrogan's Oyster House

Don’t get us wrong, we love shots just as much as the next boozehound aficionado. Boilermakers, flaming, Citywide Specials, pickle backs — you name ’em. We drink ’em. But chowder shots? Apparently that’s now a thing. And not only is Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House pushing them at their University City and West Chester locations, they’re ladling them out in flights of three.

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Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Really Maybe Buying Twinkies

A new hipster food group emerges from the rubble of bankruptcy.Photo: Ubcule/Wikimedia,

They threatened as much last November, and now it really seems that the private-equity firm that owns Pabst Brewing Company is going for it and will make a bid to buy Twinkies from the liquidating Hostess Brands, creating the most potentially formidable confluence of hipsterdom and nostalgia to ever enter the free-market economy. “We are working diligently to get a deal done,” a representative from the company tells Bloomberg, which means it could only be a month or so before everyone will be bringing Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, Fruit Pies, and Devil Dogs to your next house party along with twelve-packs. In six months, Drake's Cakes may even replace Irish whiskey shots and accompany shotgunned-PBR at bars across the country. [Bloomberg, Earlier]

Perrier Further Distances Himself From Le Bec Fin

Georges, Georges, bo-borge, banana-fanna fo-forge…Photo: uwishunu

Looks like the honeymoon is over for Georges Perrier and the new owners of his once mighty Walnut Street manor, Le Bec Fin. Honestly, we never got the impression that there was any real love there to speak of anyway. Nonetheless, Perrier has made a move to distance himself further from the restaurant he founded. He's requested that his name be removed entirely from the operation. As a nod to the chef, Nicolas Fanucci rechristened Le Bec’s subterranean Le Bar Lyonnais as Chez Georges when he took over last year. It’s now going by Lebar, the Insider reports. Apparently Perrier believed the name was too close to his present business endeavors. [Insider]

Earlier: Georges Perrier Gets His Mojo Back; Cooking at Heirloom

Ranch Dressing Is Ruining America’s Endangered Chicken-Wing Supply

Who eats chicken wings with ranch dressing?Photo: iStockphoto

Your halftime snacks are in the danger zone: Thanks to last summer's drought, chicken-wing prices are up to an average of $2.11 per pound in the Northeast. The USDA says that's the highest recorded price ever, and we believe them. (As a comparison, three years ago the all-time high was $1.47 per pound.) This means a mere 1.23 billion chicken-wing segments will be consumed during the Super Bowl, LiveScience reports, down 12.3 million from last year.

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A Different Kind of Soda War: Violent Dispute Over Big Peach

An ugly fight erupted in Dallas yesterday, and it all started over an argument about Big Peach soda. But we're still not quite sure why a Dallas man and woman were fighting over the soft drink. Maybe one person was guzzling it and not sharing? Or one supports Coke's anti-obesity ad while the other is team Pepsi? But the fight sounds brutal; a box of chicken, a glass jar, a tire iron, and a pillow were all used as weapons. The man is being held on a charge of aggravated assault. [Earlier, Earlier, Dallas Morning News]

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