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Make Your Eggs Look Extra Cutesy

This $12 egg shaper will separate the yolk from the white and elevate your breakfast to Zooey Deschanel–levels of adorable. And with a pinch of salt, your eggs can produce snow. It's so cute that it makes it maybe-almost-still-not-okay for you to photograph your food. [BookOfJoe]

Don’t Call Wing Bowl’s Wingettes ‘Slutty’

Celebrity Wingette Mary Carey is not a slut.

There’s no arguing that Wing Bowl’s Wingettes leave little to the imagination when they show up to escort competitors to the stage for the annual pre-Super Bowl competitive eating spectacle. And they rarely fail to provide an exciting eyeful for the legions of drunken, ogling onlookers who turn out to cheer them on. But that doesn’t mean they’re sluts. With the big binge and purge contest coming up this Friday, Inky columnist and sex-positive sexologist Dr. Jill McDevvit is coming out in defense of Wing Bowl’s procession of scantily clad young women.

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Jolting News: Caffeinated Maple Syrup Is a Real Thing

Put it in your coffee!

"Natural maple flavor," caffeine, butter flavoring, and invert sugar are just four of the ingredients that make up the unholiest of breakfast condiments, Wired Wyatt's Caffeinated Syrup, which retails online for $12.99 per bottle, or essentially, $1.85 per ounce. Sure, you could get by with a few crushed-up Vivarins, a family-size jug of Aunt Jemima Butter Rich, and a balloon whisk, but the whole point of using Wired Wyatt's — with its tweaky label emblazoned with the words "all-natural" and "energy" and Doug Funnie-on-steroids caricature — is to announce to the world that you absolutely adore caffeine. This seems to be something of a trend.

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LaBan Stunned by the ‘Ineptitude’ at The Saint James; ‘Precise Execution and Respect For Ingredients’ a Winning Combination at The Industry

• Craig LaBan was so underwhelmed by The Saint James, the spot launched by restaurant vets Michael Schulson, and Rob Wasserman in suburban Ardmore last fall, that his reviews did not ring any bells. Spotty service, crashing plates, and everything ordered arriving at the table as “jumbled, rush-job mess,” LaBan found himself “stunned by such ineptitude.” [Inquirer]

• “Precise execution and respect for ingredients” are on display on plates served at Pennsport’s The Industry. “Shreds of Bolognese-y pork ragu” over pasta demonstrates the former, while a “lush” smoked Pocono Mountain trout does the latter, according to Adam Erace. “Smooth, buttery” brandade, farro salad, Buffalo-ized sweetbreads, and chicken wings with a “General Tso-style lacquer” all get nods of approval, too. [Courier-Post]

Whopper Lover’s Funeral Procession Takes a Trip Through Burger King’s Drive-through

From Burger King to Kingdom Come

We can thank Taco Bell for giving us “Fourth Meal,” and “First Meal,” but it looks like credit for “Last Meal” goes to Burger King. This past weekend, the funeral procession for 88-year-old Whopper lover David S. Kime Jr. passed through the local Burger King drive-through on the way to the cemetery.

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With Booze, Rex 1516 Looks to Double Its MANNA Contribution

A few weeks ago we mentioned that Rex 1516 was donating proceeds from each Snappy Pamplemousse cocktails it sells to MANNA. The month-long fund drive was prompted by the restaurant’s chef, Regis Jansen, abnnouncing that he was stepping down due to his ongoing battle with Cystic Fibrosis. MANNA has, and continues, to support the chef in dealing with his illness. So far, sales of the cocktail has have raise upwards of $500 for the organization, which provides daily nutrition for people living with life-threatening illnesses. With just days left until the drive’s over, Rex 1516 is looking for charitable drinkers to help them double the number of contributions. At $10 a glass, they only need to sell about 50 more Snappy Pamplemousse cocktails to reach their goal.

Earlier: Illness Sidelines Rex 1516’s Chef Regis Jansen

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