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Rejoice: Pizza Brain Now Delivers

Here’s some good news for the pizza-obsessed. Pizza Brain, Brian “Brain” Dwyer’s pizzeria and pizza memorabilia museum that opened on Frankford Ave. back in September is now offering delivery. Even better: It’s free of charge! Just don’t cheap-out on tipping your delivery dude. Pizzas are currently being shuttled to homes in Kenzo, Fishtown, NoLibs, and Port Richmond. Okay, so maybe its only good news for folks residing in those neighborhoods.

Breaking: Apparently Speakeasy-Style Bars Are Having a Moment

Speak easy, but carry a big drink.

The dream of the late aughts is alive in Philadelphia. That’s what the Inky’s food section tells us today with a lengthy feature on our fair city’s rising speakeasy scene. Don’t get us wrong. It’s a well written piece that hits all the right notes. Booze wizards like Franklin Mortgage’s Al Sotack, Emmanuelle’s Phoebe Esmon, and Shake, Stir, Pour author Katie Loeb all get mentions, thus proving the craft cocktail movement here still has legs to stagger on for at least another round or two. But to hang the whole thing on the moth-eaten speakeasy schtick, seems a little like, well, yesterday’s news.

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Nestlé Found Guilty of Spying on Activist Group

Not really the best disguise.

The world's largest food company has been ordered to pay civil damages to an anti-globalization activist group it spied on for a year, the Independent reports. In 2003, Nestlé hired Swiss security firm Securitas AG for the purposes of infiltrating the meetings of Attac, which touts the benefits of breastfeeding and actively protests the market saturation of the corporation's ubiquitous formula. Using a false name and identity, Securitas AG embedded at least one employee with the protestors for a year, during which time she sat in on meetings and strategy sessions and then reported findings to Nestlé. Her identity was discovered after someone placed an anonymous call to a Swiss anti-corruption hotline, and while criminal charges stemming from the investigation were dropped in 2009, the maker of Nescafé, Nesquik, and several candy bars has now been ordered to pay 3,000 Swiss francs, or approximately $3,238 dollars, to the nine activists. That's a lot of Kit-Kats. [Independent UK, Attac]

America’s Sick Restaurant Workers Are Contributing to This Country’s Disease Outbreaks

Does this guy look a little green around the gills?Photo: iStockphoto

Your salad may be making you barf, but should you also be blaming the sick cook who can't afford to take a day off, back there in the open kitchen trying not to fall into a pot of bolognese? Precarious relationships between restaurant owners and employees who work long hours for typically low shift pay are all the more tested by outbreaks of food-borne illness, a new study suggests, and the whole thing is pretty grim.

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Ships, Icebergs, and Scylla and Charybdis

Maritime law dictates that plates on ships must be very intricate and complicated.Photo: David Moir/Bravo

The gang is overjoyed at Josie’s elimination. Five chefs remain — enough to field a team in this Sunday’s Super Bowl. (I think this is true, but I can’t check because I don’t want my Internet browser history to have a record of me searching for sports.)

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Coca-Cola Pulls Ads From French Public Television Over Controversial Documentary

Oh là là.Photo: Coca-Cola

The beverage corporation has allegedly pulled all of its advertising from the state-owned France Télévisions following a controversial documentary that aired on France 2, according to reports. Coca-Cola et la formule secrète apparently rubbed executives the wrong way, because its "troublemaker" host posed questions about the safety of the soda directly to the company's chief executive in front of shareholders.

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ReAnimator Coffee Relocates to a Larger Facility

ReAnimator Coffee

Fear of ”Coffee Rust” isn’t holding micro-roastery ReAnimator Coffee back from major expansion efforts. The coffee upstarts recently relocated to a larger facility that’s located in a former warehouse space in Kennsington, according to Naked Philly. It shares the sprawling building with gallery and performance space 161 West. Co-owners Mark Corpus and Mark Capriotti reportedly tapped the crowd-funding platform Lucky Ant to raise the $8,500 they needed to perk up the place, and to purchase new equipment. The new digs offer plenty of more room for them to continue growing. Here’s hoping they can keep ahead of the coming coffee apocalypse. [Naked Philly]

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Where to Eat and Drink on Super Bowl Sunday

Beer, wings, football: What more do you want?

Super Bowl XLVII goes down this Sunday, pitting the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers in what many of the hardcore, football-obsessed are saying could be the most exciting championship game in the history of the NFL. While the action plays out on the gridiron, all that’s required of you is, stuffing your gluttonous gullet with Buffalo wings, nachos, hot dogs and beer. No plans? No problem! The fact that the Eagles are yet again sitting this one out doesn’t mean that Philly’s restaurants are too. Keep reading to find where to go, and what to eat and drink.

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Body Recovered From Canal Believed to Be Missing New Hope Bartender

More sad news: Late yesterday, authorities in Lambertville, NJ announced they recovered a body that they believe is Sarah Majoras, the bartender who disappeared on her way home from popular New Hope bar John & Peter’s early Saturday morning. Following up on a tip from a photographer who spotted what turned out to be one of Majoras’s boots in the frigid, icy waters of the Delaware & Raritan Canal, police and search parties discovered the body, NBC Philly reports Though there’s nothing to suspect foul play, investigators are reportedly leaving all options open. [NBC Philly]

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