Amy’s Omelette House ‘Creeps Past’ Camden County’s Low-Set Bar For Brunch; Spicy Korean Chicken Cheesesteak Is KAMI Cart’s ‘Highlight’


Though the bar in Camden County isnt set very high for brunch, Adam Erace says Cherry Hills Amy's Omelette House manages to creep past it with 200-plus omelettes. An avocado and Monterey jack cheese omelette proved fine enough, while a grilled chicken on focaccia was pretty decent. A hard, flat piece of something fished out from a skillet of chili explains why its not called Amys Chili House. [Courier-Post]

Midtown Lunch-ers check out the KAMI (Korean American Menu Inspired) cart near Drexel University, and give an enthusiastic approval of its spicy pork bulgogi duk-bap. They report the pork was good, and the flavor was not overwhelming. But the well-flavored and messy spicy chicken cheesesteak with kimchi and provolone cheese, they write, is the carts real highlight. [Midtown Lunch]