Craft & Claw’s Closing Puts a Pinch on Undouching Efforts in Old City

We hardly knew you! Photo: Craft & Claw

Craft & Claw, the casual seafooder that filled the void left by Mad Rivers exit from Old City, is closed. It was open for only four months. Foobooz reports that lawsuits may have something to do with the restaurants abrupt ending. Cheap crabs, a solid selection of local and craft beers, and a string of mostly favorable press gave us all hope that the place could help Old City claw its way out of its current standing as the best place in town to see a douche rodeo in full effect every weekend. Or worse, the neighborhood where youre most likely to get punched out, tasered or heaven forbid, shot after last call. But alas, it looks like the doucherati has won. [Foobooz; Earlier]