In Case You Didn't Know: Dirty Bathrooms Doom Restaurants

A clean bathroom menas a clean kitchen.

We all know that a dirty bathroom at a restaurant is indicative of untold sanitation atrocities in the kitchen. Anthony Bourdain said as much more than 10 years ago in Kitchen Confidential. But in this era where rabid Yelp-ers can make or break a restaurant with the stroke of smartphone’s touhscreen, tidy restrooms are now more important than ever. That’s what industry vet Ed Zimmerman, whose 35-year career has covered everything from pizza, delis, bakeries and wholesale distribution for the hospitality trade, is saying in column he penned this week. According to him, a clean restroom is a restaurant's best marketing effort. Filth speaks volumes about a business, how its owners run it, and most of all, how much they value their guests’ comforts. He writes that unsanitary conditions are also the number one reason why customers fail to make repeat visits. Honestly, this is all so elementary that it’s kind of scary that someone even has to explain it. [QSR Web via Consumerist]