Fumo’s Fiancee Files Petition to Put Broccoli Rabe Behind Bars [UPDATED]

Cauliflower could possibly replace cigarettes as jailhouse currency.

Weve heard of Books Behind Bars before, but broccoli rabe? Thats what former State Senator Vince Fumos fiancee, Carolyn Zinni, has in mind, according to todays Inky. She says that her currently incarcerated hubby-to-be hasnt eaten a fresh vegetable since being sentenced to prison camp in Kentucky on federal corruption charges nearly four years ago. And shes put a petition up at change.org to urge the Federal Bureau of Prisons to revise its protocol for feeding inmates. Right now Fumos daily meals amount to patties made of minced chicken accompanied by canned corn. Yum! Though prison officials maintain bananas and apples are made available to prisoners every morning, they were hard pressed to come up with an example of vegetables offered on the chow line. The moral of the story? If you love vegetables, obey the law. [Inquirer]

Update: Yikes! Looks like that lack of fresh veggeis has already taken its toll. Action News is reporting that Fumo was admitted to a hospital today in Kentucky where doctors will implant a stint into an artery that's 90 percent clogged.

Update: Sources now say Fumo suffered a major heart attack.