Giant Food Stores Bringing Di Bruno Bros. to Camp Hill

Di Bruno Bros. Photo: Visit Philly

Weve seen the future, and in it, every supermarket will house a Di Bruno Bros. cheese shop. Dont believe us? Then may we present Exhibit A: Giant Food Stores recently sealed a deal to bring the very best of the old-school Italian Market cheese mongers goods to a Di Brunos -branded shop to be located inside its new super store in Camp Hill. Patriot-News reports that the store-within-a-store opens on January 24. Like other Di Brunos locations, the outpost will offer Giant's customers a wide selection of imported and artisan cheeses, charcuterie, oils, jams and other specialty items. Thats great news for Di Brunos and its expanding cheese empire, and those in Camp Hill whose tastes go deeper than Lebanon Bologna and Velveeta. Its a shame they couldnt work a Paesano's into the deal, too. Those poor folks out there have no idea what theyre missing. [Patriot-News]