Outgoing LCB Chief to Get the Last Laugh

Still in business.

Though he resigned amid allegations that he abused his power, accepted gifts and favors, and pressed Stephen Starr to hire his daughter and brother, in the end it looks like embattled Liquor Control Board CEO Joseph Conti will get the last laugh. Sure, hes out at as the top dog of the states booze board, but according to this mornings Inky, after stepping down next week, Conti will come back as a consultant. And he will be compensated. Generously. As in more than $80 an hour, generously! And thats in addition to collecting full pension benefits, which hes totally eligible to receive. Its all legit. Much to the chagrin of Governor Tom Corbett, who campaigned on the promises of eliminating the LCB and reeling in unnecessary spending, the states Office of Administration has already approved Contis return. Surely this is just the first of many bumps on the privatization road that lies ahead. [Inquirer]