All Pennsylvania Restaurant Inspection Reports to Be Posted Online by the End of 2013

The reports let you know if there's mice at your favorite restaurant.

If cleanliness is truly next to godliness, then the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture must be doing the lords work. The AP reports that the department is on a mission in 2013 to make it a little easier for folks to find and review restaurant inspection reports. This isnt such a big deal for the germ and grime obsessed here in Philly, since the citys Department of Public Health posts their inspection reports online. But in the farthest reaches of Pennsyltucky, that sort of data isnt so readily available. In fact, in some counties inspectors still fill out their reports on paper. For the sake of transparency, the agriculture department's bureau of food safety and laboratory services is developing software for automating restaurant inspection reports, and providing more backward burgs the equipment and training necessary to file them online. The goal is to have a site ready by the end of the year. [AP]

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