Reward Posted For Baby Cow Stolen From Hope's Cookies

Owner Herb Spivak is having a cow over his mascot's latest disappearance.

Hope’s Cookies in Rosemont is putting up $500 in reward money for anyone with leads to the whereabouts of its mascot Baby Moo. The fiberglass calf, which stands guard outside the Main Line cookie shop with its mother, Mama Moo, vanished sometime between 10 p.m. last night, and 8 a.m. this morning. And owner Herb Spivak suspects the little cow was kidnapped. It’s the second time the half-pint heifer’s gone missing. Last time, in 2009, it was recovered from the basement of a fraternity house near Temple University (of course). Spivak says that he will pony up the five hundred bucks for the calf’s safe return, with no questions asked. Otherwise anyone with information about Baby Moo is urged to contact the Lower Merion Police Department at (610) 649-1000.