Lolita and Tattooed Mom Do Taco Tuesday; Chris’s Taco Cart Up For Grabs

Tacos! Photo: Collin Keefe

Its been a while since weve talked tacos. But nonetheless, tortilla triumphs and what could arguably be described as an upset are in the zeitgeist. First theres another Taco Tuesday taking over at Marcie Turney and Valerie Safrans Lolita tonight. Twenty bucks gets you a selection of taco fillings, plus tortillas (duh), and Mexican beans, rice with tomato, jalapeno, red onion, street style roasted butternut squash, and a jicama, green mango, and watermelon radish salad. Bring along tequila and enjoy blood orange, traditional lime, and white peach margarita mixers. On South Street, Tattooed Mom is firing up its Taco Tuesday dealy tonight after taking the last two weeks off.

The bar's kitchen staff is offering what they call Viva La Verde, a vegetarian mock chicken cooked in green enchilada sauce, and topped with black beans and red onion salsa. T-Moms classic beef tacos and vegetarian bean tacos will also be served.

And if youve ever dreamed of being your own taco tycoon, youre in luck. Chris Allen, hes the Chris behind Chriss Taco Stand, which has been kicking it on the Temple University campus for the past three years, is moving out of the area. And hes looking to unload his entire operation, which includes the cart, the spot at Temple, commissary space, a truck to cart the cart around with, and just about everything else needed to run a mobile food vending business. Everythings inspected, and operating licenses are up to date. Go here for more information about the sale.

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