Run For the Border: Cherry Hill Okays Booze Sales at Grocery Stores and Big-Box Retailers

See you on the other side, rummy

While members of the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee continue to side with the LCB’s modernization efforts over Governor Corbett’s plans for privatization, the lifting of a ban across the river that prevented grocery stores and big-box retailers from pedaling alcohol in Cherry Hill ensures that drinkers from Penn’s Peaceable Kingdom will continue to slip through the Jersey border to purchase their booze. The Inky reports that the township council agreed Monday to open liquor sales to retailers. It’s bad news for the area’s booze merchants; they argue that chain stores will decimate their small, independent businesses. But for those of us on this side of the Delaware, it means we’ll soon be able to pick up booze on the cheap when we cross the state line to shop at the town’s super-sized Wegmans. [Courier Times; Inquirer]