‘Fork-Tender’ Pork Belly Is Fette Sau’s ‘Best Cut of Swine’; Fieni’s ‘Distinguishes Itself From the Red Gravy-Splashed Masses’


With three bells, Craig LaBan enthusiastically approves of Fette Sau, and goes as far as saying the Brooklyn export is the barbecue destination we've been waiting for. The juicy, fork-tender pork belly is the Frankford Ave. smoke shacks best cut of swine, while the brisket arrives with a smoke ring so vivid it could have been colored by Crayola, and the massive short rib comes almost caramelized from a basting of its own fat to velvety tenderness. But the St. Louis-cut ribs have just a bit more chew than [he] would have preferred. [Inquirer]

Adam Erace writes the food is where Vorhees, New Jerseys Fienis distinguishes itself from the red gravy-splashed masses in the Garden State. He offers a soulful scrippelle soup with thin egg crepes unspooled like Persian carpets, and a lemony and earthy and rich Veal Costa Smeralda as proof. He adds that the eggplant Parmigiana, layered with deeply crimson, cooked-all-day-tasting tomato sauce and melted mozzarella, was something to behold. [Courier-Post]