City Tap House Tapping Pliny the Younger on Saturday

Pliny to the people! Photo: Steve Ganz via Flickr

Attention beer nerds: Get your camping gear in order and whatever else you need to make standing in line for hours more bearable, because the first barrel of cult favorite Pliny the Youngers going on tap this Saturday at City Tap House. The barkeeps there will begin pouring Russian Rivers seldom seen, seasonal triple I.P.A. at 5 p.m. sharp. To get a sip of the precious, and most coveted potion, youll need one of the Tap Houses Willy Wonka-style golden tickets, which they will begin doling out promptly at 4 p.m. Eight ounce pours of the stuff will be available for $10 only for the lucky folks who score tickets. Its all first come, first served, and the Pliny will run out.