Not Even Bankruptcy Can Keep Union Trust From Going to Pieces

Union Trust's interior.

Talk about insult to injury: Union Trust — well the building that once housed the too-big-to-fail-but-still-failed steakhouse — is literally going to pieces. You’ll recall that the bankruptcy proceedings last December dealt the restaurant a fatal blow. Though bad plumbing was cited for its abrupt closing, the padlocked doors told a much different story. Now, according to Philly Chit Chat, Union Trust’s historic and most grandiose exterior is raining down chunks of stone and mortar onto Chestnut Street below. And the city is not too keen about it. A bright orange Notice of Violation has been plastered to the shuttered restaurant’s facade. It states that if repairs aren’t made by March 6, the city will move in to completely demo the architectural gem. Here’s hoping someone intervenes to prevent this tragedy. [Philly Chit Chat]