‘Be Prepared to Burn the Roof of Your Mouth’ at Gennaro's Tomato Pie; Side Project Jerkey’s Collaboration with Rival Bros. ‘Worth Chewing For’


Adam Erace says be prepared to burn the roof of your mouth when scarfing down the pizzas at Gennaro's Tomato Pie. The pies, he writes, are best when theyre just seconds from the oven, and the pools of molten whole-milk mozzarella and herbaceous, coarsely ground, raw tomato sauce swirled together like a Van Gogh landscape. Grandmom Graces mini meatballs are the best of the toppings offered; the tender meat is held together by ricotta and wishes. [Citypaper]

Brian Freedman takes notes of the deeply considered level of synergy that goes on between the bar and the kitchen at Sbraga while sipping the restaurants Cynar Manhattan, a phenomenal cocktail designed to pair with the Top Chefs steamed pollock with grilled artichoke and scallion. [PW]

Side Project Jerkys limited release Cowboy flavor, which ropes in Rival Bros. coffee for a red-eye gravy-inspired beefy snack and benefits Deva Watson's Fresh Palates to Palettes program, is a cause worth chewing for, according to Craig LaBan. [Inquirer]