Atlantic City’s 40/40 Club Closed Because of Financial ‘Disarray,’ Not Sandy

Hov, out. Photo: Ben Hider/Getty Images

Heres more drama in the 40/40 Club's Atlantic City closing: Today, a spokesperson for Tanger Outlets the Walk, which owns the clubs bricks, calls bullshit on claims made by a 40/40 rep who said Hurricane Sandy flooded the space and left a gaping hole in its roof. The Press of Atlantic City reports that the only holes at the shuttered venue are the ones in the story about its abrupt closing.

There was indeed damage. Tanger general manager Donna Danielson, says that the club was in disarray to the tune of $4,970 but it was caused by operations prior to Sandy, not the storm itslef. Whats more, 40/40 was in arrears for $115,000 in back rent last year.

Tanger filed a lawsuit against Juan Perez and Desiree Gonzalez, Jay-Zs partners in the club, whose original lease didnt expire until 2015. Ultimately they reached an agreement to terminate the lease. Now theres a new tenant on deck, but no ones saying who it is or what they have planned for the venue.

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