Lorenzo’s and Sons to Rise From Its Own Ashes Like a Pizza-Making Phoenix

Founder Lorenzo Pulizzi

One of Grub’s favorite spots for slices, Lorenzo and Sons was absent from our recent “101 Awesome American Pies (and Slices)” feature, because the South Street institution has been closed since last June due to a fire. But now there’s been some developments on the Lorenzo’s front, and we’re happy to share the good news that the home of double-wide slices served blistering hot and gooey with molten cheese will soon begin tossing pies again. Insider reports that owner Giuseppe Pulizzi, whose father is the Lorenzo who founded the joint back in 1988, is gearing up to reopen in April. And, believe it or not, is contemplating adding toppings to the pizzas. Whoa. Our brains just exploded. [Insider; Earlier]