Bainbridge Street Barrel House’s Best Bets ‘Come on a Bun’; Akira’s Sushi Is ‘Worthy of Attention’


A solid beverage program that includes 25 rotating taps means Bainbridge Street Barrel House should cheer the well-wetted beer crowd of Queen Village and Bella Vista. But Craig LaBan, with a single ringy-dingy for the still new corner spot, says the cooking was so inconsistent that even a great beer list could not wash away its flaws. Housemade hummus was as stiff as drying wallpaper paste; duck confit tender, but strangely dry; and a heavy hand on the spice left his taste buds started wincing. Still, sandwiches and burgers show the best bets come on a bun. [Inquirer]

Adam Erace says the kitchen at Collingswood newcomer Akira is as confident in the cooked preparations as they are the raw. Though the eel a la mode came proved not quite as out-there as [he had] originally expected Akiras cooks certainly delivered a tasty dish, as they would repeatedly over the course of [the rest of the] meal. Piyo piyo sticks packed a blast of coconut behind their unimpressive exteriors; a duck burrito brought luscious shreds of roasted meat dripping with hoisin and wrapped with crunchy fresh cucumber and frilly lettuce that stuck out the top like a green tutu; and the sushi is worthy of attention, too. [Courier-Post]