Lucha Cartel Replacing Q BBQ in Old City

Q BBQ Photo: Q BBQ

Unruly mobs of drunken youngsters with a propensity for late night violence may bring a sense of lawlessness to the streets of Old City on the weekends, but fear not, in spite of the intimidating name, Lucha Cartel isnt setting up an organized crime syndicate at Second and Chestnut streets. Rather, thats the name of National Mechanics and WebLinc honcho Darren Hills new Mexican-ish venture going into the old Q BBQ space. The Insider reports that the new joint is set to open any minute from now, and will celebrate a grand opening on April 10. So much for our hopes of seeing a tiki bar to come to life there. [Insider]

Lucha Cartel
, 207 Chestnut Street, no phone yet.

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