Once Again Stu Bykofsky Saves the City From the Horrors of Outdoor Dining

Get off my sidewalk!

With warmer weather inevitably comes the public scourge known as outdoor dining. But not to worry, folks. Sty Bykofsky is on the case. In today’s edition, the Daily News’ resident crank tells how he personally rang Streets Commissioner David Perri, and told him that the “unscrupulous” business-folk behind the Old City restaurant were “impeding your freedom of movement” with their scandalous curbside seats and festive planters, which have since been ticketed and made to comply with the letter of the law. But Byko’s not the only thing restaurants and cafes have to worry about as they prepare to serve guests al fresco this season. Seems Perri, who’s still pretty new at the job since getting bumped up from deputy a week ago, is stepping up inspections to make sure sidewalk seating is up to code. They used to come just twice a season, but will now be a regular monthly thing. So restaurateurs and unscrupulous business owners, consider yourselves on notice. [Daily News]