Vedge’s Rich Landau Signs On With HipCityVeg

HipCityVeg Photo: HipCityVeg

News of Vedges Rich Landau signing on as the corporate chef for HipCityVeg adds another layer of intrigue to the mystery of whats coming to Thirteen Street Bistro, the Potemkin-ized property at 131 South 13th Street that last housed the jiggle joint Full Moon Saloon. Insider reports that HipCityVeg owner Nicole Marquis inked a deal with Landau, whom she had previously tapped to develop the menus for her vegan quick-serve concepts first location. Her name is listed on the liquor license that went along with the sale of the forever vacant property, when real estate mogul and Stephen Starr backer Allan Domb bought the bricks back in March.

The most obvious thing would be an alcohol-enabled version of HipCityVeg with a bar, cocktails and the like. Or perhaps something a little more ambitious, like a vegan bistro or gastropub that bridges the divide between HipCitys casual vibe and Vedges sophistication. Or maybe were completely off altogether. This much we can gather about the nebulous project: It will be vegan; It will have booze; and based on the previous successes of the the stakeholders, it has the potential to be awesome.

Vedge's Landau is now HipCityVeg's chef [Insider]

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