NoBL Closing Again; This Time It’s For Good

Looks like those doors are staying shut for a while.

The trouble first reared its ugly head at Lansdowne’s NoBL last fall when owner Stephen Wagner shut the place down to rejigger the menu and concept after failing to make a connection with diners. That was followed by Chef Sam Jacobson’s exodus from the kitchen there and its sibling Sycamore. But not even a do-over could get the struggling operation back on the right track. And now Wagner has decided to pull the plug, and move on. It’s last night will be on Saturday, when Wagner and his kitchen staff will blowout all their stock with a $20 chef’s choice dinner, according to Foobooz. Tonight is business as usual with the band Minas performing, and on Friday the jazz combo Jazz With Chaz Trio. [Foobooz; Earlier; Earlier]