Hate the PPA? Han Chiang Feels Your Pain

His hatred of the PPA burns hotter than that hot pot.

Like anyone else in this town whos ever had to park a car, been ticketed, or worse towed, Han Dynastys Han Chiang despises the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Even more after he was ticketed yesterday while sneaking 40 winks in his parked car. But rather than simmer in his own hatred like the chilies and sichuan peppercorns in one of his dry pots, hes harnessing that ill will, and turning it into something positive. Per his Facebook updates and tweets, hes offering free Dan Dan noodles at his Old City outpost to anyone who gets a parking ticket. The hitch? It has to be issued that day, and you have to show it as proof. He doesnt say how long the offer's good for, only that its for a limited time. So, if you're going to park illegally, do it soon.