Pizzeria Beddia's Pies Are ‘Knee-Weakeningly Good’; The ‘Serious Sandwich Board’ at Corner Foodery Is as Much of a Draw as the Beer


The secrets out about Pizzeria Beddia and the knee-weakeningly good pies that lanky pizzaiolo Joe Beddia serves there. The mainstay red No.1 pies are solid with fresh and dried mozzarella, Old Gold (a local aged Gouda whose sharpness stands in for Parm) and deeply crimson, crushed-Jersey-tomato base, while the white No. 2 is a canvas of rich local cream and mozzarella accessorized seasonally with ramps, kale, and bacon. [Citypaper]

Brian Freedman checks out Honeys Sit n Eats second act on the 2100 block of South Street, and reports back that the sequel to the immensely popular NoLibs breakfast and lunch spot is as good as the original. Potato latkes remain addictive; the scrambled egg and breakfast meat-stuffed biscuit sandwich is a dieticians worst nightmare and a hangovers best friend; and reuben chimichanga youll want, because its a reuben chimichanga, for heavens sake. [PW]

Craig LaBan says John Chainsaw Taus has created his own draw to counter Corner Fooderys deep, 700-plus bottle beer selection with a serious sandwich board built from largely house-made charcuterie. His favorite? the house-cured Spanish sardine sandwich with pickled cauliflower and nduja, which he writes delivers an intense salty, tangy, spicy zing with each bite. [Good Taste]