Vice’s ‘Truckers in the Wild’ Spotlights Lil Dan’s


Vices newish web video series Truckers in the Wild recently touched down here in Hoagietown to get a taste of Phillys traditions. While here, the programs hosts, chefs and brothers Eli and Max Sussman, hit all the usual spots Independence Hall, Love Park, and Genos for b-roll. They get points for checking out the century-old Fletcher Street Stables and chatting up the club's infamous Black Cowboys, but they lost us when their attention turned to hello, totally obvious cheesesteaks. Cmon, they couldnt find a decent roast pork sandwich or piping hot bowl of pho to feature? At least they hit up the truckers behind University Citys Lil Dans, who gave them a glimpse of their signature Oreo-crusted chicken sandwich before going full cheesesteak on us. Check out the full clip straight ahead.